Creperie Catmandu


Out of all the failed French cuisines in Kathmandu, here’s one place that does it right. Off the touristic hub of Thamel, on the other side of town, Nanette’s Crêperie, nestled between the lanes of Jhamsikhel, offers its course of crêpes catering to an absolute French foodie delight.

A restaurant specializing in crêpes, Nanette’s Crêperie formally introduced its palette of crêpes since last February.. The entire menu, a selection of 11 savory crêpes along with 11 dessert crêpes, are something to look forward to, either for lunch or dinner, a quick snack or to fulfill your dose of sweet delights.

A thin layer of pancake stuffed with various fillings, crêpes are somewhat similar to a rolled chatamari with toppings, a popular Newari dish; the only difference being that it’s French. Raphaelle Kafle, the owner of Nanette’s however says, “Crêpe is like French pizza.”

At Nanette’s, you can find crêpes ranging from authentic French ones, to slightly modified versions catering to the the local taste. You have to try the palak paneer crêpe to discover the fusion of food. If you are planning on sticking to the French side of the plate, you have a set of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, to choose from including sea food. How does scallops cooked in cream with a hint of wine or spinach in cream with smoked salmon sound?

You could order La Savoyarde if you have a fairly big appetite. It’s a platter of potatoes cooked in butter and placed in the crêpe along with fried lard, grated cheese and ham. The neatly sliced pieces of ham and potatoes coated in cheese are a true satisfaction for the taste buds. On a lighter side, try La Complete with ham, eggs and grated cheese. But you are free to add any ingredients to your crêpe for an additional charge. Those include: mushrooms, ham, grated cheese, tomato fondue, onion jam and lard.

Wait, this isn’t the end to it. The dessert crêpes are something to salivate for. If you were to ask me, I’d say, go for the dessert first; after all, it might just remind you about the sweet side of life. The caramel, the cream, and the chocolate that’s tempting enough, and when combined with Nanette’s crêpes, your mouth takes control of your mind. If you prefer caramel, go to La Nanette for Gourmande, caramel in crêpe served with whipped cream. If chocolate is your choice, try chocolate slices and bananas in a crêpe. If I had to use one word to describe the crepes that would be “priceless”.

Certainly, the crêpes at Nanette’s Crêperie are priceless or say worth the price. The savory crêpes range from Rs 200 to Rs 650 and dessert crêpes from Rs 110 to Rs 250. The restaurant however only serves soft beverages and wine.

A small, cozy restaurant with a capacity for 36 people, Nanette’s Crêperie also tries to animate the environment of Brittany, France, the birthplace of crêpe. One of its walls is plastered with prints in purple and blue in lokata paper. Raphaelle’s family portraits hang on the wall surrounding an antique-looking mirror. Don’t forget to visit the bathroom. As Raphaelle says, she wanted to recreate the peninsula-like Brittany ambience.

So the next time, if you’re feeling French and want to fulfill your appetite for crêpes, you know the address. You won’t regret it.

Nanette’s Crêperie is close to the British School in Jhamsikhel. The kitchen opens from noon to 9 pm except Wednesdays.


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