JAL expands drop in Golden Week traffic

4/24/2011 10:59:00 AM

Japan Airlines (JAL) has said that it expects its international load factors to drop to just 69.9% during the 28 April – 8 May Golden Week holiday period. The airline will cut capacity of its international routes by 24.2% compared to last year, however this will not cover the expected 32.8% decline in passenger demand.

While the carrier said it estimated its international flights would be “more than 95% full” at the peak of the holiday week, the 11 March disasters are expected to have a severe impact on demand. Despite the overall cut in capacity, additional flights are also scheduled to resort destinations Honolulu, Palau and Bali.

JAL also plans to operate 317 additional domestic flights with the majority to airports in the quake-hit Tohoku region of Japan, namely Aomori, Hanamaki, Misawa, Sendai and Yamagata. The overall load factor on domestic routes is projected to be 58.1%, with load factors on flights to Okinawa, Hokkaido and the Tohoku region expected in the higher range of 64% to 71%.


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