Pokhara tourism heritage at risk

POKHARA: The tourism heritage in Pokhara, a major tourism hub of the country, is under threat.

The condition of different tourism heritage in this touristic place is deteriorating, if not under threat from increasing human encroachment. Amidst all this, Pokhara has seen a surge in tourist arrivals after the publicity of the Nepal Tourism Year-2011 at home and abroad. The hotels and restaurants in Pokhara are packed.

Locals and tourism entrepreneurs have underlined the need for protecting the beauty and attraction of local tourism heritage for sustainable development of tourism.

The condition and environs at the Gupteshwar Cave and David Falls, two major tourist attractions in Pokhara, has presently deteriorated. The Gupteshwar cave is caving in due to the seepage of water from the Phewa Lake while the David Falls is also losing its grandeur due to the deposition of sand by the Seti River and the receding water in the river.

Similarly, the Phewa Lake, one of the natural ornaments of the Pokhara Valley, is seeing growing human encroachment and pollution. People are seen washing clothes on its banks and drainage openly flows into the lake. Moreover, the lake is being slowly colonized by the water hyacinth.

Although there are 25 different organizations active in Pokhara in the name of cleaning up the Phewa Lake, they are not doing all they can for improving the environment of the lake, according to a local.

The International Mountaineering Museum, another tourist attraction in the town also needs to be improved in terms of more resources and articles depicting the major highlights of the development of mountaineering in Nepal and the culture and fauna of the mountain region.


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