Rare visitor for Australia’s Wolgan Valley Resort

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa has released images of rare white albino wallaroos spotted in the grounds of the property. Guests and staff at the Emirates resort have had regular sightings of two mature white albino wallaroos, as well as a baby albino joey spotted in its mother’s pouch. The sightings are considered rare given the high mortality rates across all types of albino species.

“We’ve had sightings of one mature albino wallaroo on the property since opening 18 months ago, but to have two more spotted on the property is incredibly rare and exciting for us and our guests,” said the resort’s GM, Joost Heymeijer.

The Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa occupies 2% of a 1,620-hectare reserve. On opening in 2009, the resort removed almost 40km of barbed wired separating the resort from the rest of the reserve. It had also introduced a trial ‘feral-free zone’ covering a 50 hectares to reduce the impact of feral animals on native fauna.

“The fact that Wolgan Valley has two mature albino wallaroos is proof that our conservation program to protect indigenous and endangered animals from feral predators is working. We believe our furry guests will be here to stay for quite some time,” concluded Heymeijer.


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