RateTiger launches hotel content management tool

4/22/2011 10:07:00 AM

RateTiger has launched a new addition to its RTSuite Content product. The new hotel content management solution enables properties to manage, upload and distribute marketing content across multiple booking channels.

RTSuite Content will act as a data bank that allows hoteliers to update hotel descriptions, room type details, contact details, and other information, which in turn will automatically update the information on connected travel websites.

RTSuite Content intends to merge into a central depository for managing all aspects of hotel content, hosting an index of all sales collateral media.

“It is important that hoteliers become more efficient at managing their online web presence. Our product will assist in pushing all the necessary branding and property information to its relevant sales and marketing channels to ease this new administrative burden,” said Michael McCartan, COO of eRevMax. “Content is key! Customers want enriched content which in return is hard to manage manually. In time RTSuite Content will become a central point for managing all your marketing avenues including catalogue, website, travel operators and online sales channels, thereby keeping everything up-to-date and relevant. This tool will help hotels position the property exactly as it should be.”


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