U.S. Travel Association proposes a reform in visa process

Posted: Fri 13 May, 2011 3:49 PM

The U.S. Travel Association has announced their plan to create 1.3-million jobs and add US$859-billion to the US economy by the year 2020, through a reform in the visa process.

The plan entails increasing staff, reducing visa interview waiting time and expanding the Visa Waiver Programme. Roger Dow, president and CEO, U.S. Travel Association, was quoted in eTurbo News as having said that the United States imposed unnecessary barriers on international visitors and that inhibited their economic growth. Dow added that if they substituted a smarter visa policy, they could create 1.3-million U.S. jobs.

The Association has released a report entitled ‘Ready for Takeoff: A plan to create 1.3-million U.S. jobs by welcoming millions of international travellers’. The report outlines a four-step plan that will help the United States achieve its goal of becoming more competitive in the global travel market, which will consequently expand US exports, create new jobs, and drive economic growth.


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