Law and order: Cops on high alert ahead of May 28order: Cops on high alert ahead of May 28


With political uncertainties looming large ahead of the fast
approaching deadline to promulgate a new constitution, the Nepal Police
has directed the metropolitan police to step up security measures to
avert any untoward activity before May 28 and afterwards.

As part of security precaution, a large number of police personnel in
civvies and riot control police will be deployed in the Capital In
accordance with the headquarters’ directive, the Metropolitan Police
Commissioners’ Office has sent circulars to its subordinate units in
Kathmandu Valley to effectively implement the order and beef up security
as likelihood of outbreak of protests and violence is high before May
and afterwards.

“Based on our intelligence inputs, we will boost security in Kathmandu
Valley,” said Nepal Police Spokesman Deputy Inspector General Nawa Raj
Dhakal. “We will bring in additional police in the Capital from those
districts where pressure remains low and make the best use of the
available resources.”

Citing manpower crunch, common during political upheavals, the Police
Headquarters has strongly instructed the metropolitan police to restrict
police personnel from taking leave. However, maternal leave and other
emergency leave remain in place.

Police Spokesman Dhakal that said the move to impose restriction on
leave was taken in view of manpower crunch and avoid security lapses
during ‘a major event.’

During major political events, the Metropolitan Police faces a tough
time managing human resources as resources as the Capital sees a rise in
political demonstrations and protests that often turn into violence.

The restriction on leave will also apply to those police personnel stationed outside Kathmandu Valley.

Posted on: 2011-05-16 09:07


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