Tourism NSW to draw young travellers

Posted: Fri 20 May, 2011 12:00 PM

Tourism NSW to draw young travellers

Tourism New South Wales (Tourism NSW) revealed its new online marketing campaign aimed at younger travellers. The new campaign is in line with Tourism NSW, Major Events and Hospitality Minister George Souris’ plan to double the tourism in New South Wales by the year 2020.

The new campaign features five short videos produced, directed and starred by Matilda Brown. These short videos will capture activities young travellers can enjoy in New South Wales, such as ski adventures, road trips, water activities, sky diving, surfing, and horse riding. These videos can be viewed on Tourism NSW’s website as well as on YouTube. Justine Looper, director, Marketing and Communication, Tourism NSW, was quoted in eTravel Blackboard Australia as having said that the new campaign is digital and viral, and it will touch young people all around the world. Looper added that the power of digital is absolutely amazing and young people are tech savvy and they want to talk to them in a language they enjoy.

Young and well-known talents, such as Guy Sebastian and Matilda Brown, will also be selected to team up with bloggers to travel to different locations across New South Wales.


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