IFITT Context Based Services in Tourism Workshop

July 7 – 9, 2011

United Kingdom

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Context Based Services is emerging as a key research area and a great business opportunity and challenge. This is particularly the case in tourism where location and context based services will be used for serving the travellers of the future.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together industry leaders with scholars and researchers with an interest in the interaction between Context Based Services, technology and Tourism. The workshop is designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas on all aspects of the topic and to encourage/facilitate innovative and in-depth analysis with a view to downstream practical applications and outcomes. Participants may engage with the workshop in a variety of ways with or without presentation. Options include the production of a discussion paper or short abstract which will form the basis of collaborative discussion after a short oral presentation. Additionally there is the opportunity to submit a full paper for peer review and formal presentation towards the development of a special issues in JITT.

The workshop is organised by ICTHR, Bournemouth University (BU), UK and CICtourGUNE, Cooperative Research Center in Tourism, Spain, and co chaired by Dimitrios Buhalis of BU and Aurkene Alzua of CICtourGUNE. The organising committee consist of Zornitza Yovcheva of BU and Carlos Lamfus of CICtourGUNE.

To register, click here. For more information please contact Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, IFITT President and Deputy Director ICTHR, Bournemouth University email dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk  or visit www.ifitt.org


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