TAT and Mastercard Team Up for Stopover Bangkok Project

Posted: Mon 13 Jun, 2011 11:06 AM

TAT and Mastercard Team Up for Stopover Bangkok Project

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Mastercard revealed the Stopover Bangkok Project at the Thailand Travel Mart 2011 on June 8. The Stopover Bangkok Project is aimed to urge transit passengers to stay for a night or two in Bangkok.


According to a report in eTurbo News, TAT has received support from 122 renowned Bangkok-based service providers in providing stopover offers in 11 thematic tour categories, namely: adventure and excursion, art and culture, beauty and spa, ethics and local tours, fine dining, golf day and night, health and medical, shopping, shows and entertainment, Thai cooking classes, and transportation. Seven suggested tour routes are also available, such as Amazing Bangkok, Art and Senses Route, Bangkok Nightcrawlers, Floating and Exotic Markets, Gourmet Route, Shop Drop and Spa, and Shopping Route.


The campaign will run until October 31, 2011. Mastercard holders can enjoy special top-up privileges and discounts from 5% up to 20%.


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