Alpine Exodus Pvt. Ltd.

Alpine Exodus Pvt. Ltd.
Address : Khusibu street, (house #) 3- 715, Nayabazaar, Kathmandu
Managing Director : Mr. Krishna Dahal
Contact Person : Mr. Krishna Dahal
PO Box: 24119
Tel : 977-1-438 5194, 620 5093
Fax : 977-1-488 0809
Email Address :
Web Site :,


4 Responses

  1. Message to Kris Dahal ” – Alpine Exodus Ltd Pvt –
    I got very bad letter from Mr. Crisitan Marius Balaveanu. He request me to make a news in our web and other. So what you did with him was very bad and very shame to all of the Nepal. So maybe I am going to publish this news after few days.

    Pasang Sherpa

    • I accept that the person who you say you know was my client in 2009 in summer. He was introduced me by one of his Sherpa friends and his guide was his friend’s relative. I was only facilitating him was for the trek permits, air tickets booking of Kathmandu to Lukla w/return. The problem he feels was not with me. It was with the government of Nepal and his personal attitude. (1) Namche police (2) his guide, Mingma Sherpa can have more explanation about this.

      He was deported by Nepal government, not by me; I GUESS I don’t have that right!! I have read his many e-mails. He really feels being hurt, but he is not ready to accept the reality. I tried to let him know my part, my role and the limit that I could do. But his anger is so high, he thinks everything I should take responsibility.

      He is following it not right after he arrived home. Why is he following it in almost 4 years after?

      Things should go according to the proof and the facts. If I have any misdealing with this man, I am ready to pay anytime and anything. But if someone vomits his baseless arguments without any documents, I will have nothing to do with it.

      I still wish to bring into notice that all the readers and well wishers please wait for the documents. Probably this person produces. Thanks all the friends who brought me notice this one. I feel very sorry having this kind of publication on the internet.

      I assure you all that my travel company Alpine Exodus is well established company in Nepal and it provides always genuine services @ reasonable prices with top honesty.

  2. I further guess that his website is controlled by the same person who feel I have problem with. So, no further comments I will send on it, read on it nor do I explain anything. And all to the readers I humbly request that this is a fake arguments. It has came up with ill purpose to support only of him. It is not for settling the issues but growing in a bad way or making them one sided.

  3. Mr. Crisitan Marius Balaveanu, my name is Gopal Bastakoti I represent another trekking company in Kathmandu. We shared the full story from Krishna and also got to read your e-mails. It is not difficult to understand that there was some misunderstanding among the guide, you and my friend Krishna. It happened in the past and now no one can replace or reverse it. My friend feels sorry for this misunderstanding and apologize with you. But now the most importantly I want to warn you that you MUST stop harassing him. He has many many e-mails from you and all of them are badly written, to irritate him, demoralize him. Your e-mails speak the truth… Anyone who reads your e-mails can understand that these are being written on purpose. And its a misuse of the internet. The readers, browsers of this website are not getting the correct information…

    We anticipate your positiveness to settle the dispute please. Thank you.

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