Evergreen Tours International Pvt. Ltd.

Evergreen Tours International Pvt. Ltd.
Managing Director : Mr. Chitra B. Gurung
Contact Person : Ms. Sabita Gurung
PO Box: 11266,
Tel : 977-1-442 3752. 4423 224, 441 1328
Fax : 977-1- 442 0274
Email Address : sales@egtours.com
Web Site : http://www.egtours.com


One Response

  1. hello and namaste ms.sabita gurung
    i visited venerable mahinda at the ‘aloka meditation centre’ here in australia from where i’m sending you this email
    is life in a contented state for people of nepal these days?
    i look forward to getting to nepal and soon after to allahabad for the kumbh mela ,i will be setting foot on nepali soil again on the 12th february
    main task after kumbh mela is travel to kodaikanal[near bangalore,chennai tamil nadu ,where i will attend a biodynamic tuition course from the 25th february
    early march will see me needing to get back to nepal [chepang people ,near the terai to set up a biodynamic garden]
    i will stay there until the middle of june
    my question to you sabita are:can you help me with travel arrangements to india and back to nepal after i arrive in kathmandu??
    if so i need your business address when i get there please
    leaving you now with kind regards from down under from ven. mahinda and me hugo please take care of you and your loved ones

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