Starwood Caters to Chinese Travellers

Posted: Thu 14 Jul, 2011 3:38 PM

Starwood Caters to Chinese Travellers

Starwood has revealed plans of providing personalised travel offers to Chinese travellers. The hotel group describes these personalised travel offers as a variety of simple, yet meaningful touches that matter most to the Chinese guest.


These personalised travel offers include in-room kettles, slippers, translated welcome materials, and on-site translation services. Hotel restaurants will provide Chinese menus and include favorite Chinese dishes like congee on the menu. Starwood Hotels & Resorts President and CEO Frits van Paasschen was quoted in Tour Expi as having said that as Chinese travellers begin to travel beyond their borders en masse, they, like their Western counterparts before them, will gravitate to the hotel brands they know from home, and with Starwood’s leading footprint in China, this gives Starwood a great advantage.


This new initiative coincides with the conclusion of the month-long relocation of the company’s entire senior leadership team to China. Starwood has recognised China as their second largest hotel market outside the US. Starwood currently has 74 hotels in China and have 100 more in the pipeline. The hotel group plans to open one hotel every two weeks in China throughout 2011.


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