Cathay Pacific Turns to Facebook

Posted: Mon 25 Jul, 2011 12:06 PM

Cathay Pacific Turns to Facebook

Cathay Pacific introduced a unique interactive Facebook fan page for their Indian fans called ‘Discover the World’. The new interactive fan page gives visitors the chance to win prizes. To participate, visitors simply have to click on the ‘Like’ tab on the Facebook fan page.


Every fortnight, one Cathay Pacific destination will be featured and fans can participate by answering a short quiz on the featured destination or by submitting a travel tip with story and pictures. In addition, visitors can also win the grand prize of two return tickets to Hong Kong at the end of the competition. Cathay Pacific Sales and Marketing Manager for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan Rakesh Raicar was quoted as having said that they are integrating social media strategies to bring new and relevant target audiences to their flagship sites for online sales and servicing. Raicar added that through social media they are able to provide more updated product and flight information in a fast, interesting and cost-effective way as well as hold contests and competitions to engage users.


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