Qantas Looks Into Sustainable Jet Fuel

Posted: Wed 27 Jul, 2011 11:41 AM

Qantas Looks Into Sustainable Jet Fuel

Qantas has announced plans of turning rubbish and algae into fuel as part of an initiative to find a sustainable alternative to jet fuel.


Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce was quoted in eTravel Blackboard Australia as having said that the airline will be investing in bio-fuel research as part of its initiative to reach the industry target of a 1.5% a year cut in carbon emissions. Joyce added that their long term goal is that by 2050 they will be able to cut the carbon emissions they had in 2005. In line with this initiative, Qantas is building a relationship with US renewable energy company, Solazyme, to create a business plan for the use of sustainable fuel from algae; and US waste-based group Solena, who is working with British Airways to build a plant in London that turns garbage into bio-fuel.


The airline is bound to make announcement whether they will be investing in a AUD300 million plant similar to Solena’s in Australia. Qantas is also set to spend AUD2.6 billion this year on new aircraft that will help the airline reach their target of cutting carbon emissions and carbon neutral growth by 2020.


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