Hertz Introduces Electric Vehicles in China

Posted: Thu 25 Aug, 2011 6:13 PM

Hertz Introduces Electric Vehicles in China

Hertz launched new programmes in China in an effort to turn China into a new market for electric vehicles (EV).


Hertz Chairman and CEO, Mark P Frissora, was quoted in AsiaTravelTips.com as having said that China is committed to rapidly expand electric vehicle travel and Hertz is committed to supporting the important EV Pilot City programme. Frissora added that working their existing rental car network in China and partners such as GE, they are dedicated to helping build the necessary EV infrastructure in China and to create a new transportation solution that employs the latest technology and harnesses innovations being launched in China today.


In line with this effort, Hertz has teamed up with GE Industrial Solutions to develop a new business model to market EVs in China, and BYD, one of the largest Chinese local auto brands, to combine EV sales and leasing for MNC and government agencies in Chinese cities. It will also participate in the China (Shanghai) International EV Pilot City to initiate an EV rental programme.

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