Nepal Sees Tourism Boost in July

Posted: Mon 8 Aug, 2011 11:34 AM

Nepal Sees Tourism Boost in July

Nepal reported a year-on-year 20% increase in international tourist arrivals for the month of July. A total of 35,212 tourists visited the country in July, with arrivals from the South Asian region rising up to 21.7%.


The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) reported that visitors from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka increased by 24.5%, 58% and 70.8%, respectively. According to a report inTravel Daily India, tourists from one of Nepal’s major source markets, China, rose by 127.7%, whereas visitors from Malaysia increased by 18.9%, 36% for Singapore, 23.9% for South Korea, and 107.1% for Thailand.


Arrivals from European markets indicated mixed performances, showing a boost in arrivals from the UK up by 7.1%, France up by 4.7% and Belgium up by 31.4%. Germany, Netherlands, and Spain show decline in arrivals by 45.3%, 24.1% and 21.1%, respectively.


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