Best places to get fit

23 October, 2012

They say everyone always gains weight on vacation. Not here! This article is an excerpt from Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2013.

Wildfitness Kenya

Get in touch with your hunter-gatherer roots at this nature-oriented fitness resort, where you’ll be instructed in the principles of ‘wild moving’ (barefoot running, swimming, climbing), ‘wild eating’ (lots of meats, fruits and vegetables, no dairy or processed foods) and ‘wild living’ (good sleep habits, ‘tribal bonding’ with others). The location for all this back-to-BC learning is a palm-shrouded boutique hotel overlooking the white sand and gin-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. So when you’re not channelling your inner caveman, you can relax on the roof deck or luxuriate in a deep tissue massage – thanks, modernity!

See for more details.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Though most ‘thru hikers’ aren’t tackling the 3500km-long Appalachian Trail just to lose a few pounds, it’s certainly a side benefit for some. In fact, keeping the weight on while trekking up the sides of heather-shrouded mountains and through rugged green valleys is so difficult that hikers swap tips on the highest-calorie foods to bring along for the journey. Most hikers can pack in 4000 to 6000 calories a day while still losing weight and gaining enough muscle to tackle the killer peaks of Maine’s Mt Katahdin at the end of the trail.

The Appalachian Trail begins in Springer Mountain, Georgia, and traverses 14 states before ending in Maine. For trail info, see

Detox retreat, Bagus Jati, Bali, Indonesia

Offering detox regimes promising to cure you of everything from anxiety to bloated stomach to ‘vagueness’, this New Age-meets-Eastern retreat in Bali’s Ubud district will help centre your mind as it slims your waist. Set on a steep emerald hillside, Bagus Jati’s Balinese-style villas overlook a lush, misty valley of ferns and betel nut palms. Daily treatments range from herbal teas to acupuncture to mud wraps. For exercise, get your downward dog on in the round yoga pavilion surrounded by sun-dappled bamboo forest. Or kick it up with a five-hour predawn trek to witness the sunrise from the peak of Mt Batur.


Bikini Bootcamp, Tulum, Mexico

The setting – a luscious stretch of golden beach on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula – should take some of the sting out of the butt-kicking daily schedule at this much-imitated fitness retreat. Days begin at 6.45am and hop from gruelling vinyasa yoga classes to sweaty beach volleyball games to power abs workouts. Downtime means swimming in local cenotes (water-filled sinkholes) or hiking through the spooky Mayan ruins of Tulum. If you’re down with a bit of a New Age-y vibe (think ‘tribal drumming’ lessons, dawn journaling sessions), then this might be just the place to kick off your New Year’s get-fit resolution. Solo travellers are welcome and encouraged.

The Bootcamp is in Tulum, an hour and a half south of Cancun. See

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  1. Something I plan to do more in the future is to compete. Competition is a great place to find new friends and comrades in pain. I will go back to more ultra-marathons and other trail running pursuits soon. I also plan to add indoor rowing and Olympic weightlifting meets to the mix along with fun at gymnastics and yoga classes.

    • Yes. Welcome to Nepal! you can also do Mount Everest” Highest pick of the world-8848m” trekking, and many more things in Nepal. If you want to visit in Nepal you can find many more travel agency in our this blog.

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